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Aniset™ Anti Kink IV Set (15 drops/ml)

(Code: HB06542A)
Style & Size :
Aniset™ Anti Kink IV Set (15 drops/ml)
  • Aniset™ Anti Kink IV Set (15 drops/ml)
  • Aniset™ Anti Kink IV Set (15 drops/ml)
  • Aniset™ Anti Kink IV Set (15 drops/ml)

The Aniset™ range of IV Fluid administration sets and accessories represents the highest quality, purpose built veterinary IV set available on the market today.  Proprietary features, designed and developed to meet the needs of the veterinary professional.

The Aniset™ range of IV sets and accessories offer the most versatility and flexibility providing complete peace of mind whilst the animal patient is in your care.

The Aniset™ range of small animal IV sets have been designed and calibrated to work on the Abbott/Hospira/Heska/Jorvet VetPro & Baxter Flogard 6201 & 6301 IV Pump fluid delivery settings.  Animill IV sets and accessories are Chemotherapeutic compatible.

A Primary Anti-Kink, Auto-Filling IV giving set with break-point & extension included.


  1. |Features|
    • Available in 78” L/L & S/L & 106" L/L Versions.
    • 15 drops/ml.
    • Proximal: sharp vented 3-channel spike, flip covered bacterial air vent above soft compressible clear drip chamber, with extended standard rate drip orifice and 15 micron particle filter within.
    • V-bed precise flow control roller clamp including parking slot/hold for associated ‘sharps’.
    • Two Y-style latex-free injection site ports, one positioned 18" below drip chamber and second 10" above distal spin lock / slip luer connector.
    • Break point joint (Extension) with luer spin lock connector at proximal end of IV set.  Enables you to disconnect the fluid bag - slide clamp included to prevent the extension filling with air - ideal when the patient needs walking or moving from one recovery location to another.
    • Distal: Luer connector with loose spin lock attachment, allows for movement away up tubing if not used.
    • Distal: Also available as Slip Luer version
    • Fluid priming cap.