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Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches

(Code: Millpack)
Style & Size :
Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches
  • Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches
  • Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches
  • Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches
  • Millpack™ Sterilisation Pouches

The Ultimate All-In-One Sterilisation Pouch
with Sterility-Test-Strip included

New and improved Millpack now has a built-in Sterility Test Strip (STS) so you’ll never have to look for a box of TST strips again!

Wide range of sizes for the utmost convenience for handling instruments, drapes, swabs, dressings or Surgical procedure packs etc. during autoclaving.  Presented in packs of 200 pouches.

  • DETACHABLE built-in sterility test strip — saves you time and huge amounts of money!
  • Test strip provides the visual proof that sterility has occurred inside the pouch!
  • Extra inner seal helps prevent 'break out' of sharp instruments!
  • Wide range of convenient pouch sizes!
  • Perfect for drapes, swabs and surgical instruments!
  • Designed, printed and patented specifically for Veterinary use!
  1. |Features|Product Features:

    • Suitable for steam and EO sterilisation!
    • Thumb notch for easy opening.
    • Heat-sealed upper corners helps prevent contaminants from entering the pouch along the opening seal.
    • Re-inforcement seal adds greater strength, particularly useful when the pouch is used with heavier equipment.
    • Triple edge seal secures the pouch and prevents separation or tearing by instruments.
    • Ethylene Oxide (EO) Indicator Dot.
    • Steam dot 250ºF 15min/273ºF 3.5min)
    • Labelling area for easy kit identification

  2. |Pictorial|
    1. Fill in the content details.
    2. Detach the Sterility Test Strip and place inside the pouch.
    3. Add contents to be sterilized.
    4. Remove release paper and seal bag.
  3. |videos|Millpack Sterilization Pouches
    The Ultimate All-In-One Sterilisation Pouch.